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Driving Organic B2B Enquiries through Compelling Storytelling

Our client, a dynamic construction startup, aimed to expand its network of B2B collaborations and drive growth in the industry. As a new entrant, they faced the challenge of establishing credibility and generating organic interest among potential partners.


Limited Brand Visibility: The startup struggled to gain recognition and capture the attention of potential B2B clients within the construction industry.

Establishing Credibility: Being a relatively new player, building trust and credibility among established industry players was a significant hurdle.

Generating Organic B2B Enquiries: The client sought to drive organic inquiries from potential collaborators interested in their innovative construction solutions.

Strategy and Execution:

Compelling Founder Video: To overcome the challenges of limited brand visibility and establishing credibility, we created a captivating video featuring the startup’s founder. In the video, the founder explained the vision, mission, and unique offerings of the startup. This humanized the brand, conveyed expertise, and instilled confidence in potential partners.

Strategic Distribution Channels: We leveraged a multi-faceted approach to maximize the reach and impact of the founder’s video. Specifically, we used linkedin and founder’s professional network. This approach capitalized on existing relationships, fostering trust and credibility, and expanding the video’s reach among potential B2B clients.


Increased Brand Visibility: The founder video significantly increased the startup’s brand visibility within the construction industry.

Established Credibility: Through the founder’s articulate presentation of the startup’s vision and expertise, the video helped establish credibility among potential partners.

Organic B2B Enquiries: Potential collaborators, intrigued by the startup’s unique solutions and the founder’s authentic presentation, reached out to explore partnership opportunities.

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