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Transforming Lead Generation for a Steel Door Manufacturer

Our client, a prominent steel door manufacturer, aimed to expand its customer base and increase lead generation. Despite their high-quality products, their cost per lead was a major hurdle, limiting their ability to scale and compete effectively in the market.


High Cost per Lead: The initial lead generation efforts were yielding leads at a high cost, negatively impacting the client’s return on investment.

Ineffective Creatives: The existing creatives failed to resonate with the pain points and aspirations of the target audience, resulting in low engagement and conversions.

Delayed Lead Response: The manual lead response process caused delays, leading to missed opportunities and a loss of potential customers.

Strategy and Execution:

Creative Experimentation: To address the issue of ineffective creatives, we conducted extensive research and developed a creative that directly resonated with the pain points of the target audience. By highlighting the security, durability, and aesthetic appeal of the steel doors, we crafted a compelling narrative that captured the attention and interest of potential customers.

 A/B Testing and Optimization: We implemented an A/B testing framework to measure the performance of different creatives. This allowed us to refine our approach by analyzing engagement, click-through rates, and conversions. Through continuous optimization, we identified the winning creative that generated the highest quality leads at a reduced cost.

Automation for Quick Response: Recognizing the importance of prompt lead response, we automated the lead generation campaign. We ensured instant notifications and streamlined lead distribution to the sales team. This automation significantly improved response times and enabled the client to engage with leads while they were still actively interested.


Cost per Lead Reduction: Through our strategic creative experimentation, we achieved a remarkable 50% reduction in the cost per lead.

Increased Lead Quality: By aligning our creatives with the pain points and aspirations of the target audience, we witnessed a significant improvement in lead quality.

Quick Lead Response and Conversion: The automation of lead generation campaigns facilitated instant lead notifications and prompt follow-up. This resulted in a faster lead-to-conversion process, maximizing the client’s chances of securing new customers.