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A Tailored Campaign Success Story

Our client, an online education provider, aimed to increase lead generation and conversion rates. However, their initial campaigns failed to deliver desired results, with high costs per lead and low conversion rates hindering their growth.


High Cost per Lead: The client faced challenges in generating leads at an affordable cost, impacting their marketing budget and overall return on investment.

Low Conversion Rates: The existing campaign failed to resonate with the target audience, resulting in a low conversion rate and missed opportunities.

Identifying the Primary Audience: Understanding the specific needs and preferences of the target audience was crucial to optimize the campaign’s effectiveness.

Strategy and Execution:

Data Analysis: To uncover insights and refine our approach, we analyzed the existing data to identify patterns and trends. Through this analysis, we discovered that a significant portion of the target audience consisted of women who were unable to attend offline classes due to various constraints.

Targeted Campaign Tailoring: Armed with this valuable insight, we tailored the campaign to specifically target women who desired accessible education options. Our messaging highlighted the convenience, flexibility, and quality of the online education platform, addressing the pain points of the target audience.

Channel Optimization: We optimized the campaign across various channels, focusing on platforms where our target audience was most active. This included social media platforms, online communities, and forums where women seeking alternative education options were engaged.


Increased Conversion Rates: By tailoring the campaign to target women unable to attend offline classes, we witnessed a significant increase in the conversion rate. The personalized messaging and relevance to their specific needs resonated strongly, leading to higher engagement and enrollment rates.

Improved Cost per Lead: The strategic targeting of the primary audience segment resulted in a more cost-effective lead generation campaign. By focusing on a specific audience with higher intent and relevancy, the cost per lead reduced, optimizing the client’s marketing budget.

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